MOOC - Improving palliative care in care homes for older people


Success of the PACE MOOC - A free Massive Open Online Course - Over 1467 people registered from 102 countries globally!


A free Massive Open Online Course was developed by PACE Lancaster University Partners, in association with consortium members.  It was delivered from 1st April 2019 for three weeks.  Over 1467 people registered from 102 countries globally.  The course mainly attracted healthcare professionals, predominantly nurses and care assistants working in care homes, and was also joined by physicians, and others interested in older people.  There was a small group of older people, including some who were residents in care homes, and family members who were caring for older people.  The course content covered an introduction to the international epidemiology and demographics of ageing, palliative care and palliative care in care homes in week 1.  In week 2, the design and purpose of the PACE project was presented, followed by the first three Steps of the PACE Steps to Success programme.  In the final week 3, Steps 4-6 were presented and consideration of how to sustain change in care homes.  All aspects of the course were supported by Open Access resources and illustrative videos demonstrating the implementation of the PACE programme in six countries.  A subgroup of students elicited to pay a small fee to complete an evaluation and receive a certificate of attendance.  The MOOC was interactive. It was mentored by two experienced clinicians who provided feedback and support to students.  In addition, the lead educators Professor Katherine Froggatt and Professor Sheila Payne answered queries and supported students.  Overall, the course has been well evaluated and students will be followed up to monitor impact and evidence of changes in practice

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