Core activities

PACE is a European funded project (FP7, 2014-2019) comparing the effectiveness of palliative care for elderly people in care or nursing homes in Europe and aiming to advise policy-makers on optimal palliative care practices. PACE compares the effectiveness of health care systems with and without formal palliative care structures in care or nursing homes in 6 EU countries (Belgium, the Netherland, Italy, Finland, Poland, United Kingdom), and investigates the impact of a health service intervention ‘Route to Success’ aimed at integrating palliative care in care or nursing homes' structures, on patient, family and staff outcomes and on cost-effectiveness in a cluster controlled trial.

Based on its results, PACE will develop tools to assist practitioners and policy and decision-makers to make evidence-based decisions regarding optimal palliative care practices in care or nursing homes. The PACE consortium is unique in bringing together academic partners from multiple disciplines (long term care, geriatrics, palliative care, social sciences, medicine, primary care, health economics) with EU organizations tapping into the most important professional groups and policy-makers in the field, making it possible to influence research, practice, policy and public at national and international level in and beyond participating countries.

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